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Organic material


Surely wood is one of the oldest materials, from which jewellery is made of. Reasons for its constant popularity above all is the slight heaviness and the warmness of the stuff. Further wooden jewellery is very pleasant to carry and allows the skin surrounded the canaliculus the breathing, what signifies barely sebaceous debris or smell formation.

But not every type of wood is suited for application, because allergic reactions or irritations of the skin can appeared. Preferential hardwood is used, which surface could be cut very smooth. It can be produced very low-cost, it´s random mouldable and there are different colour nuances.

Disadvantages of jewellery made of unsuitable wood for example are the multitude of pores, which can gathered discharges from the body. Also it can lost its glance due to drain, which certainly could prevent employing vegetable oil. Never you should disinfected wood with steam pressure, because thus the material gets rough and craze.

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Animal materials

Horn, bones or ivory are as well as wood a popular and ancient body jewellery and are considered especially exotic. Animal materials are easy to form and could be cut very smooth. Further they let breathe the skin and keep the warmness also by cold temperatures.

For initial jewellery and in sore piercings you should waive on animal materials absolutely, certainly by a completely healed piercing concerns needn´t to exist.

Also animal materials could dry out and get chapped as a result, why they don´t be sterilised with steam pressure. Further they tend to bacterial formation by poor cleaning. Therefore you should buy such a jewellery from serious producers and don´t be content with the cheapest, as well as every other jewellery. The surface should be handled fine and smooth and shouldn´t shows either scratches or miscellaneous surface irregularities.

For ethical reasons the usage especially of ivory or materials of endangered animals often ranks as critical.


Amber consists of fossil resin. This jewellery stone is manufactured into piercing jewellery already vast amount of time. Amber is limpid till opaque and mostly it has a yellow-brownish coloration, but it´s also offered in black, green, red, white, blue or blended paints. It can occur that you find well-preserved insects or palnts imbedded in it, which of course has an especially effect.

Normally the material is used as fill for jewellery made of metal, horn, bones or wood. But there are also offered solid amber plugs.

Advantageous is the smooth, very skin-friendly surface and the consistent warm temperature of amber. But it can be a bit fragile and non-heat-tolerant, therefore it shouldn´t be sterilised with steam pressure. 


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