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Stretching of piercings

What does stretching of piercings mean?

If you speak about to stretch a piercing so you guess the enlargement of the respective canaliculus, to apply piercing jewellery with a bigger diameter. Most often it happens by the lobe piercing in the earlobe. Principally also other piecings can be stretched, certainly thereby some difficulties on scattered body locations could appear (e.g. by cartilage- or surfacepiercings).

It´s important that the stretching of piercings is a permanent change, which can´t be reversed on its own in most instances. Often it´s expanding of only optical effects, but there are also piercings, whose the expanding is recommend to get a better wear comfort and to prevent the avulsion.

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Which manners of stretching are there?

There are different manners to stretch a piercing: The modest expanding through different implements, the cutting of the canaliculus through a surgical intervention and the so-called dermal punching (to punch out a hole).

The modest stretching:

By the modest stretching the piercing is extended by stages. The canaliculus of the piercing could be healed completely before you start with the stretching and absolutely you should allow enough time between several stretching steps (at least 4 weeks), so that the tissue can be calmed and doesn´t pull down.

Stretching with a stretching stud:

Probably this manner is the most common. A conical proceeded stretching stud (taper) is brushed with lube and inserts carefully with the thinner tail in the canaliculus. At the thicker tail the jewellery is apllied and due to shove on the stretching stud it is applied automatically in the canaliculus. Thereby the accomplishment should happens without big pains, only a slight sting can be normally.

For alternative there are stretching sickles, which you carry durable during the stretching process and you could shove on gradually. Beside this commercial made implements, a lot of people avail oneself with self-made expanding-items, such as ball pens or knitting needles. Certainly thereby you must take special care of clean and hygienical immaculately materials and also you shouldn´t waive on lube (petrolatum or oil).

Teflon tape:

By this manner a thin shift of non-cleaving teflon tape is wind round the jewellery, which then is applied carefully in the canaliculus. At best the tape should has a thickness of 0.1mm. As soon as the piercing has habituate to the bigger diameter a new shift of the very smooth and compatible material is wind round the jewellery. This process should repeats every 6 days, to reach the recommended stretching rate of 1mm each month. Nowise you should use insulating tape, Sellotape™ or the like, because these materials contained glues, which are eject from the body.


The most traditional manner, which applies already for a long time by different tribes, is the expanding by use of heavy objects. Certainly a disadvantage is the unpleasant feeling and the durable rarefaction of the tissue.

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Without implements:

You could also push the jewellery through the available canaliculus without the usage of implements, though this can result in frequently problems (bleedings, inflammations, cicatrisation, everting of the canaliculus). Piercings in a part with a lot of movement are often stretched by themselves (e.g. by twiddle with the tongue piercing).


The canaliculus isn´t extends gradually as well as by stretching, but it´s sliced by using a scalpel and extends to the desired size. In patches after slicing the tissue a stretching stud is applied, but this is known as a vast painful manner.

Dermal punch:

By punching, parts of the tissue are punched out by a size from 2mm to 8mm. Thereby it often comes to higher blood loss, certainly the healing phase runs relative quickly and uncomplicated. Because the diameter of the punched part conforms exactly the diameter of the jewellery, pressure pains aren´t appear barely.

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What jewellery can be applied?

In the healed stretched piercing a variety of jewellery made of different materials (wood, stone, horn, amber, glass etc.) can be applied. There are ball closure rings (BCR) or piercing barbells respective bigger material thickness or special septum tusks fort he septum piercing. For the ear so-called plugs or flesh tunnels are suited.

What is consider by the healing and care?

Among the particular stretching phases every time the piercings should reassure, that is you shouldn´t grasp the next size already premature, because thus ultimate damages (scar formation) can arise. If the stretching is realised correctly later a healing isn´t necessary. Both the piercing jewellery and the canaliculus should be cleaned regular with an antibacterial soap, to prevent sebaceous residue and unpleasant smell. Further the tissue can be carried with oils (jojoba oil, vitaminE oil), which obviate against rarefaction and scar tissue by daily massage in.

Which difficulties can appear?

At the beginning of stretching the skin often is thinner and more permeable for germs, whereby an increased infection risk exists. By expanded piercings in the oral part the jewellery can results in damages of teeth as well easier and affects the speaking vast. If there happens too big or too quickly stretching steps, tissue damage are arise. Further too intense stretched conjunctive tissue and deformation of cartilaginous tissue can´t reversed.


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